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“We’re Cypress Hills”: Brooklyn Non-proft (English)



“Somos Cypress Hills”: Organización Comunitaria en Brooklyn




Children learn traffic safety

Adults from left to right: Nancy Taveras Head Start Assistant, Karen Blackburn AAA Community Traffic Safety Specialist and Matilde Fortuna Family Day Care Provider with the children form Matilde’s class.
We are fortunate to have AAA as one of our community partners. This is the eighth year that AAA and their amazing facilitator Karen Blackburn have provided a comprehensive Pedestrian Safety Workshops at the CHCCC. They provide a seminar for parents as well as one geared to young children that utilize puppets and Otto the Auto to better convey the safety message.


Head Start 2012 Stepping Up Ceremony

Head Start 2012 Stepping Up Ceremony. Our young sailors perform a skit much to the delight of their parents and faminy members.


Puppet Show

Providers Delcie Joseph (to the left) and Jovita Arzu (to the right) were one of the day care providers that attended the Network’s First Puppet Show. A fundraising event where not only children enjoy the puppet performance, but also learned about bullying and its consequences.


Members of the 2011/12 NYC Tech Nursing class

The dedicated and hard working NYC Tech nurses headed by Peggy Rafferty ( right) an Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing who teaches Comprehensive Client Care for Urban Health Issues in the fourth semester of the Baccalaureate Program.

The nurses spend every Wednesday morning at our site with Ana Legueros an adjunct professor. They review the children’s medical records and help us understand the doctor’s recommendations so we can follow up and ascertain that parents keep all follow-up appointments. They also facilitate workshops to address health issues identified in our Head Start children and families and the Cypress Hills Community. In addition, they attend our Health Advisory Committee, share their knowledge and expertise with the group, and participate in our Annual Health Fair.


Nurses of the New York City Tech visiting one of the Head Start classroom.

The friendly and caring nurses of the New York City Tech visiting Mrs. Inoa and Mrs. Vargas classroom. Left to right: Tatsiana Navitshayo , Nidia Vargas (Teacher Assistant), Jessenia Machado, Lita Kirkland , Ana Legueros, Kerrisha Fyffe , Gail Mills, Joanne Seegobin and Aura Inoa (Classroom Teacher) and our amazing children.