Cypress Hills Promise Neighborhood Community Forum

What is the Cypress Hills Promise Neighborhood?

CHLDC received a Promise Neighborhoods planning grant from the US Department of Education which allows us to bring community stakeholders together to create a plan which includes solutions (expanded and new programs and services) that will help young people in our community to succeed academically and be healthy. Our goal is to create a plan by spring 2014, and then apply for implementation funding, which would allow CHLDC and our community partners to actually create the solutions we propose.

What is the Cypress Hills Promise Neighborhood Community Forum?

  • The forum is an exciting opportunity for residents to share their ideas about what young people in our community need to succeed. If you have ideas about what our neighborhood needs (like more afterschool opportunities, better academic support for struggling students, or English Language Learners, more opportunities for recreation, etc), you should come to the Forum and share your ideas.
  • The ideas discussed at the Forum may be integrated into the plan, and we have a real chance to implement this plan to improve education for young people in our community. We will share the results of the community survey we conducted over the summer, where more than 830 people shared their perceptions of the neighborhood’s needs and assets.

What will happen at the Forum?

  • Four main topics: health, K-12 education and college access, school readiness (related to early

childhood education), community life & safety will be discussed.

  • In each of these areas, participants will learn about the planning that’s taken place so far, and have the chance to share their opinions about what services the neighborhood needs to address concerns in these areas.
  • Breakout sessions to talk about survey data, community concerns, and potential solutions
  • Separate breakout session for youth between the ages of 13 and 19 (Teens will have the

opportunity to discuss issues around health, education and community life and safety. This breakout

session will be interactive, fun and peer led.)

  • Activities for children (under the age of 13) including art and drumming, translation (Bengali, Spanish), food, raffle.

What are the goals of the Forum?

  • To share the community needs and assessment survey findings with the community
  • To gain valuable feedback from community residents
  • To recruit enthusiastic, involved residents to participate in upcoming focus groups.

Who do I contact to learn more information about the Cypress Hills Promise Neighborhood?

Nolvia Delgado
Community Outreach Coordinator
Cypress Hills Promise Neighborhood
(718) 647-8477